We are entrepreneurial, young, mostly METU based team that is open to innovations and learning, and follows the international developments in both mathematics and mathematics education. Since we took our first step in 2013 and have started to publish our first books for the middle school group in 2016, we are an exemplary and pioneer publishing house in mathematics publishing. We are leading international mathematics by producing mathematics book with our small but great team, and will continue leading.


♦ As MATEMATUS Publishing Inc., we set out with the principle of “Mathematics Only” and we do what we know best; we produce mathematics.
♦ Our books:
     ► Unlike other books on the market, have emerged as a result of world class academic studies and are prepared with the most effective methods and techniques to teach mathematics to students.
     ► Catch up the even most unsuccessful student in mathematics and teach him/her step by step with the exercises.
     ► Prepares students for their exams with the tests that are instructional objectives based, including new generation logical reasoning problems and questions from easy to difficult.
♦ As it is written on all covers of our books that are published since 2016, we have been applying Variation Theory model in our books.
     ► Variation Theory is the model that was mentioned in “Cambridge Maths Espresso” journal published by Cambridge University Mathematics Education Department on May 29, 2019.
     ► In this journal, it is stated that Variation Theory model is very effective in teaching mathematics and this theory should be integrated into courses.
     ► The theory has recently become popular in the international educational communities, especially in Cambridge and Oxford. In fact, mathematics education was started to be designed based on this theory.
     ► As Matematus Publishing, we started to use “Variation Theory” three years ago in our books.
♦ As a result, instead of classical and ordinary books, we offer books that are prepared with the most efficient models based on academic studies of international standards.



MATEMATUS Publishing, Inc., an innovative educational organization, plays a significant role in the mathematics of the publishing industry in Turkey. Under the name of this organization, we have been producing mathematics textbooks that strengthen the teaching and learning of mathematics and support students to develop their critical knowledge&skills since 2013.

We believe that qualified textbooks should
► be appropriate for curriculum in terms of structure, scope, purpose and content,
► provide examples and activities which strengthen conceptual learning and improve problem solving skills.
► support learning by adopting the most aproppriate teaching methods and techniques
► be easily accessible for teachers and students,
► be written in an understandable and clear language and conduct our studies with this perspective.

We are uniquely structuring our content and methods which reaches over 5 million students in 81 countries of Turkey, and shapes the mathematics education; in order to offer a way to success for teachers, families, administrators and students.

As Matematus Publishing, we create not only comprehensive learning solutions but also interactive learning environments and offer solutions for individual differences in the education.
In summary, we do what we know best, produce mathematics.


Many problems can only be solved by using mathematical methods. To illustrate; planning the most appropriate distribution routes for a cargo company, creating a membership system for a website, creating a secure digital shopping environment for a company and its customers, or visualizing the model prepared in a computer game on to the screens.

► As Matematus Publishing Inc., we provide mathematical solutions to daily life problems. Well, how?
► First, we turn the problem into mathematical syntax.
► Then, we develop a method to solve the mathematical problem.
► We produce software in order to do necessary calculations in this process.
► When we find the mathematical solution, we do the interpretation of the solution and make problem available to be eliminated.


Today’s understanding of education, has moved student from the role of passive learner to the role of individual who can use his/her knowledge in his/her daily life by making the knowledge meaningful and experimental for him/her.

Methods and techniques that do not make students active participants in their learning processes, do not allow them to think and orient them toward memorization are no longer accepted.

Specifically in mathematics education, we see that one of the main goals of teaching mathematics is to educate creative, problem solver and critical thinker individuals.

Since 2013, as Matematus Education, we support our students(from elementary school to university) in the,
► activation of their curiosity,
► discovery of their skills and potentials,
► helping process of the breaking their prejudices against mathematics and
► increasement of desire to learn.

In this process, by considering the individual differences and with the help of our courses designed in appropriate way for students’ readiness levels, we do not educate students who “know” mathematics.

We educate students who can “do” mathematics.

Research and Development (R&D)

R&D is a set of activities which aims to obtain new information for the advancement of science and technology or with the help of existing information, develop new systems, processes and services to produce new products and tools.

As Matematus Inc., we follow the current developments and innovations in both national and international fields with our graduate degree staff. In the light of this developments, we integrate new methods and techniques that developed to provide conceptual learning of mathematics to our studies and products.

Therewithal, we share and discuss these studies with the experts in national and international conferences and symposuims organized in the field of education.

We report the results of our studies and publish them as articles in journals scanned in international indexes; also through our teaching materials, we aim to make our students consider the mathematics as a science that they enjoy spending time with it.

Matematus TV

♦ Video solutions for all of the multiple-choice questions in our books can be found in the “Matematus TV” that is free to download on Play Store and App Store. Also, these video solutions are presented to students at “matematustv.net” via vector-based video technology.
♦ Solutions of exercises are also available on our mobile application and website.
♦ Since vector-based video technology is about ten times smaller than standard video sizes, it allows students to reach videos faster.
♦ • Moreover, our videos can be found in our YouTube channel, called “Matematus TV.”

Mobile Based Optical Form Evaluation System

♦ Mobile based optical form evaluation system is an automation system that enables students and teachers to evaluate the optical forms on books instantly from their mobile phones and tablets. With the real time evaluation system used for reading forms, accurate results are obtained every time.
♦ When the forms are read, students can see their current rankings in Turkey and reach the solution of each question solved by specialist teachers.
♦ Teachers can see the results of whole class by reading the forms by logging as “teacher.” Also, they can download each student’s report as a PDF file if they want.

Smart Board Application

♦ With Smart Board Application, printed publications can be used in digital tools. This application helps teachers to view the books of Matematus, do actions on interactive boards, and provide more effective lessons with the videos, audios, visuals and animations that are supporting the book.
♦ Teachers can access the most recent books with the digital library provided.
♦ All of the teachers can use digital versions of publications without requiring any technical skills.

Teacher Advisory Hotline – 0 (850) 532 0 200

♦ The teacher advisory hotline provides teacher based services on weekdays, during the working hours. Teachers can share their questions, suggestions, complaints and opinions by calling this numbers.
♦ All students and parents who benefit from Matematus, can reach us at working hours on weekdays by calling 0 (312) 466 7 120.

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